Oct. 23, 2014

New IACC president [ Mr Akere Muna] and global health corruption .

The health sector will be looking up to the international anti coruption  council headed by Mr Akere Muna elect in the fight against  corruption  which involves the public and private  .

Health practitioners charging fees for services which are to be given free.

Insurrance fraud in wealthy countries .

Fake drugs and or expired drugs shipped especailly to poor nations of the world .

Government ministers and hospital administartors siphoning millions of state funds especailly those set aside to curb health challeneges like hiv/aids , malaria and Ebola , affecting health policies and the poor .

 International boarder controls to stop fake or expired drugs on their way to poor countries especailly in Africa .

Governments demanded to publish their health budgetary allocations and expenditures .

Prosecution of those who have stolen from the public and or private sectors  .

  The expections above are not too much for Mr Akere Muna of Cameroon and his council following his election as president of the international anticoruption council putting together royalties , heads of states , civil and private sector communities in the global fight against corruption .

 Mr Akere Muna was elected to replace Hon justice B Okerefe [deceased] on the 16th of october 2014 in Berlin Germany .

  DR Akwo, Thompson Ntuba