Oct. 23, 2014

DR SYLVESTER A OSINOWO , emeritus president[WONCA] on future of family physicians.

DR SYLVERSTER ADETOLA OSINOWO recently spoke with the editor of healthNDevelopment at the Marriote maquis hotel  Washington DC while attending the American association of family physicians annual assembly .

 He beleives family physicians still play the most inportant roles in patient care and global health  advocacy and policy .

The emmeritus president of WONCA Africa region is calling on  African physicians especailly those in general or family practice to join their peers in Wonca and it,s regional and national organisations like the  AAFP [American association of family physicians] to have leverage .

As an accomplished international family physician, Dr Osinowo contributed in getting three hundred family physicians from Nigeria attend the joint WONCA/AAFP meetings in Orlando USA and a hundred joining WONCA .

He is attending the  2014 American association of family physicians assembly meetings in his capacity of international member .

  Dr Akwo, Thompson Ntuba