Nov. 4, 2014

Former federal reserve chair Ben Bernanke paints a positive financial future .

The former federal reserve chairman has addressed the association of financial professionals [AFP] , during it,s 2014 annual conference in Washington DC USA .

He gave reasons why the fed had to bail out AIG and not Lemman . He said the fed was created by congress to handle the tough fianancial decisions which congress was not ready to make .

 He  refferenced the bailouts during the later part of the George W Bushes term in office and the early part of president Obama,s  reign , atributing most of the finnancial successes of the present administration of the USA to the tough  decisions taken by his board .

He is optimistic of the financial future of the united states basing it on three positives ;

1 Good demographic , that show the USA having a young population compared to the rest of the western world .

2  Educational and technological edge .  The USA has most of the recent top twenty universities in the world .

3  Entrepreneuship culture. .

   The  conference continues tomorrow tuesday the 4th of november 2014 with one of the major presentations being " THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT , NAVIGATING THEW CHALLENGES "  from 2.00pm-3.00pm  in room 146 B of the Walter E WASHINGTON  DC convention center .