Nov. 17, 2014

Society for neuro science has launced an open-access neuroscience journal , eNEURO

  The society for neuro   science has launced eNeuro, an innorvative open -access journal that publishes high-qaulity , broad based research focused solely on the field of neuroscience .

 The following will make the journal stand out , rapid publication process, wide variety of scientific content , and an engaging reader experience .

 The eNeuro is considered an important new  forum  for communicating about discoveries in neuroscience  and promoting understanding of the brain and nervous system .

The editor -in-chief Christopher Bernard says " he is thrilled to work with distinguished scientists from around the world  to publish excellent science  for the filed to discuss , debate  and build upon in an effort to further the knowledge about brain science and health ".

The journal is build upon the foundation of , commitment to excellence , rigor , and breath  fro which the society is known .Wide range of science that advance the field of neuro science will will feature .

The online enviroment allows for greater use of images , video and audio , the ability to share content  and articles , and communications directly with scientist-authors .

Authors are encouraged to summit significance statements as well as video 'papercast '" and visual astracts .

Neuroscienetists as well as members of the public will benefit from  engaging and interactive experiences.

New discoveries featured on the site at launch range from analysis of a single neuron,s effect on the motor behaviour to examination of the brain structure  and function  in people with migrain headaches .

Other studies adavance understanding of brain circuit dynamics  and suggest novel therapies for temporal lobe epiliepsy.

 Visit  to learn about eNeuro  and read it,s immediate studies .

The society for neuroscience [SfN] is an organisation of nearly 40,000 basic scientists  and clinicians who study the brain  and nervous system . More infromation about the brain can be found at   and SfN.