Jun. 8, 2016

Hilary Clinton ,historic democratic presidential party nominee 2016

Mrs Hilary Clinton is the presumptive democratic party presidential election 2016 nominee. This was more so obvious on tuesday the 7th of june 2016 after a major victory in California against her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders , who has not officially dropped out of the race , desiring to go all the way to the convention in Philadelphia . Many media outlets , including CNN claimed she had enough delegates to be declared the nominee since monday the 6th of June 2016 . Mrs Clinton is wife of former president Jefferson Clinton , former senator for New York , and former secretary of state in the Obama administration who has been under public condemnation for using her personla emails to conduct government business during the time she was in the state department , though she has persistently denied wrong doing , citing Collin Powell and Dr Rice , previous republican secretaries of state who did same . She worked with her husband to reform health care and met resistance from the republicans when she was first lady. She contested the 2008 presidential elections and lost to then senator Barack Obama whom she endorsed and helped win the presidential elections and served as secretary of state . In this election cycle she was the favorite like in 2008 and has embraced the need to fight for more women , especially with the issue of equal pay and control of fertility . She has already started a general election campaign . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA