Jun. 12, 2016

Mayor of San Antonio and others to attend 2016 smart cities summit in Austin Texas .

Close to 200 leaders of cities from around the world will be attending the 2016 smart cities summit in Austin Texas USA from the 13th of june . A number of experts have been invited to speak , one of whom is the current mayor of San Antonio , Ivy Taylor , who will be speaking as part of the mayoral pannel . She will be shearing the experiences of San Antonio following the directives she gave the city manager to introduce smart cities focus activities as part of her office of innovation work . The solutions providers who will be meeting with the city leaders during the summit include health care services , waste management , emergencies and others . The major exchanges are intended to be in the encounters of city leaders and planners with leading solution providers or technology companies .Other leaders with city governance leadership experience are GOVERNOR O,MALLEY , and the mayor of Austin .Some cities from Nigeria Africa will be presenting . More can be seen at www.smartcitiesinnorvation.com. DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA