Jun. 15, 2016

San Antonio mayor Ivy r Taylor on successes of smart city projects .

Mayor Ivy R , Taylor of San Antonio attended the GLOBAL CITY TEAMS CHALLENGE EXPO and SMART CITIES joint conference in the city of Austin Texas from the 13-15 th of june 2016 , speaking as part of the mayoral key note panel on monday , responding on a question on some successes of the smart cities projects in her municipality , she cited the area of water conservation , saying the use of the technology put in place the residents were educated on the proper use of water and conservation and they cooperated . She also mentioned the Open Gov, project that creates awareness and informs the people of her city of government activities , how they can participate , and the fact that the data and statistics shows the people have benefited over the short period the projects started . As one with eduction in city planning , the city of San Antonio is presently going through another phase of planning . Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba