Jun. 17, 2016

Adam P Bell , democratic house candidate at Dems 2016 Texas convention.

The Texas democratic state convention is taking place in the Alamodome San Antonio with participants from all around Texas . It runs from june16 to the 18th . The convention chair is Hon Joaquin Castro house US member from San Antonio. The friday part of the program had mostly interest caucuses which include , prochoice caucus , prolife caucus , labor caucus , disability caucus , cannabis caucus , energy caucus, democrats against death caucus and the senate district caucuses while the Saturday program is mostly work in the committees including nominations , platform , rules and resolution and the training sessions including , messaging in reproductive health and rights issues , and fighting for the next generation . Mr Adam P Bell , democratic candidate for US house , Texas district 3 spoke to the editor of healthndevelopment on his personal experiences with health care and what he would do for his constituents if voted in . DR AKWO NTUBA THOMPSON