Jul. 17, 2016

Indiana governor Mike Pence chosen as Trumps running mate .

The people of the state of Indiana were greeted with the news of their present governor Mike Pence chosen as the vice presidential pick or running mate of the 2016 presidential election . We traveled to Indiana , and visited the capitol and many parts of the city down town , talking to the people about their reactions to the news and if the presence of their governor on the republican ticket would impact the outcome of the election . Many said they wish the governor well and gives him their blessings , others were surprised that their governor would accept the invitation of Mr Donal Trump as his running mate . Governor Mike Pence is expected to address the republican convention 2016 taking place in Cleveland Ohio from the 18-21st of July 2016 amidst much protests already reported on the eve of the convention . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA