Aug. 13, 2016

Micheal Womack on Armenia freedom request from USA leadership.

Many would wonder why so many protesters gather every day around the white house fence in Washington DC , demanding justice from and or through the USA leadership for problems in their countries of origin .
Americans are often divided as to who should take care of these requests . Some ask if the USA should continue to play the role of the police man of the whole world . Others see the lack of democracy in other countries as a challenge to American values and foreign policy positions .
These protests and request become more frequent during presidential election cycles in the USA . Mr Donald Trump wants America to stay away from many world problems which do not directly concern or affect Americans .Mrs Hillary Clinton has made her position clear on most foreign policy issues .
The foreign policy positions of presidential candidates are very important and affect the outcome of the election results in November . No matter what Americans do , people will continue to look up to the USA for help in their countries of origin creating opportunities for Americans to continue to be good , fighting for freedom for all .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba