Aug. 25, 2016

Red hat society holds 2016 convention at the San Antonio River Marriote hotel.

Thousands of women mostly in red hats and purple dresses are attending the annual convention 2016 of the Red Hat society Inc in San Antonio Texas at the River center Marriot hotel from 24-26 of august .
The activities are center around fun , friendship and fitness . The organization was started by Queen Sue Cooper and has membership in almost thirty countries around the world including Canada, Mexico and Australia .
RHS as they are simply called , is dedicated to reshaping the way women approaching 50 and beyond are viewed in today,s culture . They passion is found in fund, as they celebrate life at every age , friendship , solidifying and expanding the bonds of sisterhood , freedom as they discover and explore new interests , fulfillment as they realize personal potential and fitness as they embrace healthy , life-lengthening lifestyles .
They are a society that offers women a community to connect through services , experiences and social events , instilling in them a renewed sense of pride , confidence and optimism. They are refining the traditional notions of aging . You can read more from their website
DR AKwo Thompson Ntuba