Sep. 13, 2016

Congressional Hispanic caucus institute begins with policy meetings .

The congressional Hispanic caucus institute began on Tuesday the 13 th at the Walter Washington convention center , down town Washington DC with a number of policy meetings . The US -CUBA relationship panel looked at the current situation in Cuba -America relation following restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries . The problem of human rights abuses of the Cuban government remain a concern to the Hispanic community the USA .
The others which included the Diversity and inclusion session , had successful Hispanic , Latino leaders , male and female tell their success stories , how they are working with their companies , profit and nonprofit are advocating for diversity and inclusion , especially as it relates to people of color. The leaders wanted the people to know that the is s difference between diversity and inclusion . Diversity is similar to being invited to a dance and inclusion similar to letting the person actually dance .
The policy meetings continue on Wednesday the 14th of sept 2016 . Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba