Aug. 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey 2017 evacuees speak of their experiences and health need s

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a category four storm , causing great destruction along it,s part with Rockport and Corpus Christy hit the most . Houses were destroyed , those that stood had destroyed roofs . As of Sunday , only one death was reported related to Hurricane Harvey .
Houston was hit with massive rain that led to flooding and power lines thrown down , causing parts of the city to be in darkness .
Federal emergency management administration [FEMA ] is already in the state , with the administrator saying they will be in Texas for a long time ,especially as this was least expected . Healthndevelopment magazine went out to speak to some of those affected , asking questions about their experiences so far , their physical needs , emotional and mental state .
The two gentlemen interviewed in the video attached were satisfied with what is being done to help them , though would love to see more done . They are in two groups , those with some health problems kept where they could get additional health care attention and those considered healthy who are sheltered in a different location .
Some of the public health issues discussed were , possible contamination of water , especially because of the flood water and sewage .
they talked of feeling very stressful and have had some spiritual counselors come in to talk to them.
They are of the opinion that president Trump should prepare before coming to Texas and ask the general population to add to what the Salvation army and the red cross is doing , by donating more cloths , hygiene kits , foodstuff and other materials and items .
They are not sure of when they will return to Corpus Christy since their house was destroyed . BY Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba