Aug. 28, 2017

Senator Crux at the service of Houston Texas in time of Harvey flood crisis.

US senator Cruz has been all out, working with local officials on the ground in Houston to make sure that the flood rescue effort is well managed , as he works the phones, talking with the president , vice president , secretary of Homeland security , head of FEMA and Governor Abbot of Texas on what is being done and what is needed .
He has thanked his colleagues in the US congress who have mobilized resources and sent to Houston Texas to meet the needs of the people , especially those in the convention center shelter . The people of Philadelphia sent shipments which were sorted out and handed to the residents , many who have lost their homes .
He has called for all those who can help to do what ever they can like provision of food, blankets and other resources .
He praised the efforts of the Salvation army , the red cross and the Samaritan purse relief work of Franklin Graham , asking people to contribute to the joint effort by donating at the following websites 1 2 3 .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba