Aug. 31, 2017

Disaster chaplains descend to Houston Texas following Hurricane Harvey flooding

The emotional and spiritual needs of victims of Hurricane Harvey and the flooded cities particularly Houston are met by disaster and or crisis chaplains from different parts of the USA .
Jack Munday , the international director of the rapid response team of the Graham Samaritan purse are on the ground in Texas working with the red cross and other agencies .
Tracy Elder,s Seneca county chaplain corps , a member of the international alliance of chaplains corps [IAOCC] have also arrived in the state for crisis intervention and first responder care . Working with the other crisis and disaster chaplains on the ground in Texas, in corporation , collaboration and good communication . They provide emotional and spiritual care to victims . The care may range from mental health care including stress counseling , coping with loss and displacement .
Trauma is experienced by many in disasters which manifest often as post traumatic stress disorder . They give care to individuals , families and to some pastors or ministers who may have lost their churches and or are flooded with water .
They bring Love , hope and comfort to the residents of the affected communities .
Many are trained to know when to transfer or refer to centers that can handle the more complex and long term cases .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba