Sep. 29, 2017

The united nations calls for dialogue and peace ahead of anglophone independence day anniversary .

The secretary general of the united nations , Antonio Guterres on behalf of his close to 193 member country organization including Cameroon has called for peace based on dialogue ahead of the planned massive protest marches on the 1st of october 2017 , marking the day the united nations formally recognized the former British UN trust territory as independent from it,s colonial masters, as they joined the already independent French speaking Cameroun that got independence from France in 1960.
Recent protest in Cameroon by"African anglophones " of the two states or regions of the SW and NW like previous ones many decades since the union came into being has led to many lives lost and much property destroyed .
The are many groups claiming leadership of the anglophones in Cameroon and the diaspora , each calling for their own form of solution which in the most part are secession [Break away ] or returning to Federalism .
The government of Cameroon with a presidency headed by a francophone and a prime minister head of government from the north west region of the two anglophone states hold that no one will entertain discussions of the nature of governance of the country of Cameroon .
The united nations had sent a delegation to the region that looked into the problem of Boko haram terrorism attacks including attacks in Nigeria and reported to the security council through the office of the secretary general .
The government of Cameroon,s position that dialogue will not involve federalism and or secession continue to drive the protests which is causing Cameroonians much economically with each passing day.
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba