Sep. 30, 2017

Cameroon,s communication minister address the press ahead of October 1st protests .

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wish you all a warm welcome to this press conference to which I have invited you to update you on the crisis situation prevailing in the North-West and South-West Regions.
On the eve of October 1, the date marking the anniversary of the reunification of our country, the secessionist movement which persists in its option of radicalization, violence and intimidation of the populations has programmed to create a climate of rebellion against the Institutions of the Republic, to foment social unrest, to commit targeted killings, to attack the Forces of Law and Order and to create provoking situations leading to repression.
Working under the cover of protests and alleged peaceful demonstrations and claims, the instigators of this climate of insecurity plan to make use of some young people who are stimulated, fanatic, passionate and heated, like cannon fodder, against the security forces.
By means of such stratagem of uncommon cynicism, they hope to arouse the emotion of the populations and to attract the favors of the international community in their illegitimate struggle against peace and national unity.
In so doing, they intend to give substance to their fatal premonition of an Anglophone genocide whose authorities would be both actors and responsible.
It has been aired over the past few days that the coming October 1, 2017 would be retained as the day of the proclamation of the independence of a so called Ambazonie, born – but only in the imagination of its authors – on the ashes of the North-west and South-west Regions, yet integral parts of the national territory.
On this occasion, the buildings hosting public services would be attacked by hordes of demonstrators, public authorities sacked, elected officials and dismissed traditional leaders refractory to secessionist theses, the flags of the Republic brought down and replaced by secessionist flags.
All these calls for sedition and killing of innocent young people are, as you know, launched from abroad, where these cowardly and whimsical truants live, where they are free from any want and in perfect security.
As they have been doing since the beginning of this crisis, terrorizing entire families and honest traders to whom they promise death and destruction of property if they ever dared to defy their various calls for school strikes, ghost towns and other forms of civil disobedience, those who only dream of a disunited and sacked Cameroon, take the precaution to guarantee to themselves, the benefit of a serene, peaceful and cozy life.
Meanwhile, the problem for these outsiders is that by so doing, they finish ruining of what is left of the credibility that they might have been still enjoying.
But by making this choice of division and terror, secessionists should be sure of one thing: never will a single Cameroonian worthy of the name – whether Anglophone or Francophone, Christian, Muslim, animist and even atheist, from the North, South, East and West – never a single Cameroonian, I say, be fooled by the illusion of such utopia.
Each of us, full-fledged Cameroonians, will defend until the last breath, this inalienable heritage that the founding fathers of the Nation have bestowed to us and which they have built at the price of their blood.
For Cameroon is a strong nation. Cameroon is a respectable and respected country. It is managed with firmness, discernment and responsibility by a man of wisdom, in the person of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Army.
In this case, and faced with the terrorist option that this secessionist movement has just taken, the Government has fully grasped the threat they want to create on its unitary foundation and the fundamental values on which the national community is based.
The duty of the State is to ensure the security of persons and property, to ensure public order and tranquility, and to ensure that the laws and the Constitution of the Republic are respected by all.
Our security forces, whose efficiency and professionalism and sense of sacrifice must be hailed, will at all times and in all places ensure the physical integrity of our compatriots and of all those who live on our territory.
Public Institutions shall be protected at all times, and at no time shall those who, on behalf of the Republic, are entrusted with the task of carrying out these missions, give way to the provocation of a few who go astray and who are prey to abject manipulation.
The watchword is therefore that of the return to serenity, so that the Republic continues its march towards emergence and prosperity.
And for that, the consensus is total in our country. As a single man, political leaders of all stripes, traditional leaders, members of civil society, intellectuals, economic operators, young and not so young, rise to say "NO TO SECESSION, NO TO TERRORISM, NO TO VIOLENCE".
Let it be quite clear in the minds of the advocates of the secessionist thesis that there will be no secession in Cameroon and that their agenda of dislocating our will to live as one will be irremediably checked.
By so doing, Cameroon is and will always remain a land of tolerance and dialogue. And as long as these values are preserved, as long as the laws and the Constitution of the Republic are respected, there will always be room for dialogue. There will always be a privileged space for the construction and preservation of our ideals of peace, unity, national solidarity and living together.
Thank you for your kind attention.