Nov. 11, 2017

Houston celebrates veterans day 2017 with 9/11 run .

The city of Houston celebrates veterans day 2017 with the 9/11 run which was postponed to the 11/11/2017 because of the effects of hurricane Harvey on the city a few months ago .
Ryan Manion president of the Travis Manion foundation who is credited for starting the 9/11 run around the country in honor of his brother[Travis Manion ] who died in active duty post 9/11 was at the events ground with the chiefs of police of Houston , fire department and others.
Ms Manion said the Houston run was the last , and it closed the runs for 2017 .
She narrated the story of her brother visiting fire fighters in New York who gave him gifts , one included a hat with the inscription " If not me , then who ...". That inscription was the motivation for her brother to serve leading to his service with his own life for freedom .
She said all the veterans present and those in active duty are the reasons for the freedom that Americans enjoy , haven answered the call by saying " If not me , then who ...".
The chief of police of Houston , Avenda on behalf his force got the cup prize for the force with the highest number of participants present .
The race started around 9,40am with much excitement and amusement from Houstonians who came in their thousands to watch one of those events that show that Houston remains strong and resilient as one of the speakers said following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba