Nov. 30, 2017

African union and European union hold their 5th come together in Ivory coast .

The heads of the African union and member presidents including the leadership of the European union and member presidents have been meeting in the capital city Abidjan of Ivory coast from the 29th to the 30th of November 2017 .
Libya and the present report by CNN of slavery presently taking place there was discussed as a concern .
The issue of terrorism was also discussed as French president Emmanuel Macron is said to have discussed the issue on the sidelines of the meeting .
The question of youth development was given proper attention especially as majority of African population are below thirty years of age .
The King of Morroco attended the meeting after a brief stay away of his country from the African union over claims of part of the country that is said to have separated and recognized by the African union . The king held talks with president Zuma of South Africa on the modalities of restoration of bilateral relations between both countries .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba