Dec. 1, 2017

World aids day 2017 message for every one .

The theme of world aids 2017 is "My health , my right ". Health is human rights . The rights include social , economic , mental and spiritual wellbeing .
Rights of medicines . Rights to clean sanitation and housing . Rights to non discrimination and no stigma . Rights to gainful employment . Rights to vaccines . Rights to transportation to health care . Rights to the decision about our heath . Rights to our reproductive health choices and decisions . Rights to healthy nutrition . Rights to descent housing .
Friends , there are still many millions who need medicines for hiv/aids pandemic . Millions are still infected yearly . Many people still do not know what makes a difference for patience.
The global health community and global solidarity has brought joy in the lives of millions in the world . Health and wellness is making a difference .
Hiv /aids is now a chronic disease , and most people who get tested fasts and get the medication and care they need live long .
The best medicine they say is prevention . Wellness portals should help in integrative programs involving maternal and reproductive health .
You can make a difference , by engaging in one or more of the rights above . Ref
The international aids society has also announced the first day of December as the beginning of registration for the international aids conference 2018 in Amstadam Europe
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba