Jan. 20, 2018

Sea of women rally infront of Houston city hall after 2018 march .

Mayor Sylvester Tuner of Houston , city police chief and other city of Houston leaders joined a sea of multiple thousands of women in Houston and some men in their rally infront of Houston city hall after their women march which ended at the city hall premises .
Those infront of the Houston women march are Texas state now , an organization for the national organization for women , Inc[NOW] in Texas .
The march and rally was for multi-issue advocacy which include 1 Reproductive rights and justice 2 Racial justice 3 Ending violence against women especially with guns 4 Constitutional equality 5 Economic justice 6 LGBT rights . 6 Immigration rights .
Most of the women advocates who spoke on each of the issues above narrated personal stories related to the issue of interest .
A blown out placard with the inscription fuck Trump and those who voted for him stood out .
Women marches and rallies are also taking place in other cities of the USA including Washington DC , Baltimore ,New York city , Los Angeles and Chicago .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba