Jan. 29, 2018

Houston chamber of commerce join city leadership in demand for solution with the DACA question.

Lizzie Pannill Fletcher joined the Mayor of Houston , the chief of police and other department heads to send a message to USA congress and the white house to look for a way to resolve the issues related to DACA or the deferred action for childhood arrivals .
It is said that 120. 000 of them live in Texas and almost 70.000 are in Houston , known as the most diversified city in the USA today .
The speakers underscored the contribution to the Houston economy by the DACA recipients .
State representatives Ana Hernadez and Walle Aramando addressed the group of Hispanic youths who were in the city hall to support the cause , after the chief of police and the president of the chambers had spoken to them .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba