Aug. 10, 2018

Younique products and foundation empower women .

The marketing director of Younique cosmetic products company , Tori spoke to Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba during the company,s 2018 annual convention a the Gonzales B convention center .
She said her company validates and empower women through it,s products and sales presenters .
She pointed to the attendance of of about 8500 women from around the USA and the world attending the conference .
She said the company is giving back to the city of San Antonio through the gifts just made to family assistance services of San Antonio . They donated children materials like diapers.
The officer with the Younique foundation said that the foundation is related to the Younique products company as it,s non profit work arm , which focuses on care and the needs of adult women who were sexually assualted as kids .
They bring about awareness to sex abuse of women , especially those women who were assaulted as kids .
Physical and mental health needs of the victims are addressed . The foundation has already given close to 16 million dollars in their work and outreach .
He was optimistic that they will have the first international convention outside the united states in the next 5 years .
Most of the women attending the convention are benefiting
as presenters or sales persons .
Akwo Thompson Ntuba