Aug. 18, 2018

Former UN secretary General Koffi Atta Annan dies at the age of 80years .

The founder of the Koffi Annan foundation and former united nations secretary general Koffi Atta Annan has died on Satuaday following a brief illness says his family through the communication offices of the Annan foundation in Geneva Switzerland .
Mr Annan who was awarded the Nobel peace prize was born on April 18th 1938 in the city of Kumasi in Ghana Africa . He did his primary , secondary and early university education in his country of birth before proceeding to Europe and MIT in the USA for his masters degree in economics .
Mr Annan joined the UN first through the health agency , that is the world health organization[WHO ] in Europe before working in the New York Offices . He was appointed by former Secretary general Boutrous Ghali as assistance SG for peace keeping , with mixed results in the performance of the duties of that office .
He took over from Boutrous Ghali as head of the united nations . He brought some reforms in the organization , though under his watch the world saw the dead of 800.000 in Rwanda by genocide and 8000 killed in Bosnia .
He called the invasion of Iraq 2003 by the then president George Bush USA led coalition forces Illegal .
He was the first to be made SG from the international employees of the UN .
He married a UN staff person in name of Nane Lagergren after his first marriage to his Nigerian born wife with whom he had two children , Kojo Anna and his sister ended .
He was known as Africa,s formost diplomat .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Ntuba