Aug. 26, 2018

Senator John McCain , war hero and political maverick dead .

The USA senator John McCain from Arizona has died in his home on the 8/25/2018 surrounded by family .
He was voted six times as Arizona senator , twice as congress man .
He lost the republican party presidential primaries to George Bush who became president, and was voted his party,s nominee in 2008 , and with Sarah Palin his pick for the vice presidential slot, faced then senator Barack Obama in the general elections and lost .
A war hero , prisoner of war who served his country greatly .
He died on Saturday the 8/25/2018 in his home in Arizona from glioblastoma , a malignant brain cancer he told America he had been diagnosed with in July 2017 , he was surrounded by family at his dead . His daugther announced his death .
World leaders including British prime minister Theresa May have reacated to his passing with very fine words , many describing hims as a great servant and hero of his country .
It is worth recalling that , his opposition vote in the senate flow saved the affordable care act[Obama care ] from repeal by the Trump administration and republican party , once more he proved to be a maverick to the end .
He will be in state at the USA capitol building and the Arizona state capitol before burial .