Sep. 1, 2018

America celebrates the life of the" just man " , senator John McCain .

Many foreign leaders joined president Obama , George W Bush , Bill Clinton , and other dignitaries and Americans to celebrate the life of War Hero and political statesman , senator John Mccain at the USA national Catheral in Washington DC .
It was a great memorial service for a man who lived his life accomodating all irrespective of skin color , religion , race and life status .
The readings for the memorial service were 1 Wisdom 3;1;5&9 2 2nd Corinthians 5;6-8 and the gospel read by Senator Graham was taken from the gospel of John 15;12-13.
The short exhortation given showed how loving a man the senator was , who wanted the people to always live together and in love .
The different speakers including the eulogies from president Obama and Bush underscore the need for Americans to always come together in multiparty manner to forge ahead .
The song Danny boy brought tears of love from the eyes of Cindy Mccain .
Senator Mccain in planning his funeral desired to bring the nation together and he did so through the celebration of his life in the national cathedral USA
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba