Sep. 11, 2018

9/11 2018 , America and the world remembers the horrors of terrorism.

On the 11th of Septemeber 2001 , Islamic terrorist claimed responsibility for the hijacked planes in the USA, which were turned into bombs , killing passengers , civilians and service persons who went to rescue others in what is called ground zero in New York city today .
Many thousands of people where killed and the lives of their love ones and their nation of the USA was never the same .
The attacks in New York prompted America to retaliate with airstrikes in Afghanistan , and war with the Talliban and Alqueda , that has left too many deaths in the process.
Sadam Hussein and Iraq were subsequently attacked and Saddam captured and killed for association and or link with the hijackers of the 9 , 11 planes .
The world has not recovered from the other many other measures which were taken , including the USA patriot act , that many Americans complained was used to spy on them without authorization by their government .
The world continue to support victims and their love ones left behind like the Travis Manion foundation 9/11 Heroes national runs .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba