Sep. 12, 2018

Surgeon general and others discuss health at ALC 2018 of the congressional black caucus .

USA Surgeon general , Jerome Adams discussed with other health colleagues issues of health concern for the African American and black minority communities .
He narrated aspects of his life story and listed a number of challenges that face minorities as relates to health .
Asked what were his priorities as Surgeon general , he listed four areas including 1 Addressing the Opioid epidemic 2 Health and national security 3 Community health 4 Health equity .
He talked about adverse childhood experiences that affect many African Americans and minorities .
He said paying attention to health equity should be every body,s business . Dr Alexander, Obani and others addressed health disparity issues related to African American communities and what preventive and health promotional interventions could be used to address them .
Chronic and Toxic stress and related health problems were addressed also .
In conclusion , the importance of social determinants of health was underscored , and it,s relationship to health equity .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba