Oct. 23, 2018

** Church leaders in the Holy Land visit Khan El Ahmar community in solidarity, prayer.

On 22 October, church leaders in the Holy Land organized an ecumenical visit to the threatened Bedouin community of Khan El Ahmar. They shared Biblical prayers including references to the beatitudes from the sermon on the mount as a response to injustice, and as words of comfort to the people under threat of displacement.

Palestinian officials said they valued the church’s role in advocacy and the continued united front of Christians and Muslims in seeking justice for Khan El Ahmar residents. Local and regional media and diplomats were also there to cover the visit and compliment the gesture of solidarity.

The Khan El Ahmar Bedouin community of more than 200 people is among several communities living in the wilderness along the road between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. This particular community of tents and tin houses, together with a school, received, a few weeks ago, a military and high court order of demolition and displacement scheduled for 1 October.

Ecumenical Accompaniers from the World Council of Churches Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel - together with local, international and Israeli presence - continue to be regularly present both night and day in the community.