Nov. 12, 2018

Houston pronounced member of the 100 resilient cities partnership .

Houston was officially admitted into the 100 resilient cities partnership by the president of the partnership from New York at the resilient conference down town .
Mayor Sylvester Turner addressed the conference participants , underscoring the importance of resilient strategic planing , especially after the shocks the city of Houston has under gone recently with hurricane Harvey and the others in it,s history .
He highlighted the importance of the partnership of the city government with corporate businesses like shell that underwrote the expenses for the conference , and whose president echoed the positions of the mayor .
The participants who came from community organizations , business, faith based leadership , non profits and city workers heard presentations from the national president of the 100 resilient cities , and those from New Orleans with a history of a water city strategy .
The break up sessions discussed a possible Houston resilience strategic plan under , shock and stresses , city resilience diagnostic, resilient project ideation and resilience finance .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba