Nov. 15, 2018

"WCC encourages churches " work with migrants ,refugees

Children gathered in the Beldangi refugee camp, southeast Nepal, 2018. Photo: Albin Hillert/LWF

07 November 2018

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has commended the work of churches around the world that welcome and support migrants and refugees, even as it has warned the international community against racist or xenophobic political responses.

In a statement issued by the WCC’s executive committee during its 2-8 November gathering in Uppsala, Sweden, the WCC also encouraged churches, partner organizations, and governments to consider adoption of the UN’s proposed Global Compacts for the responsible treatment of migrants and refugees.

Today an estimated 258 million people are migrants, including 68.5 million people forcibly displaced from their homes. Most of the latter remain in their countries, but 25.4 million of them are refugees seeking shelter or asylum across international borders.

The statement specifically decried the separation of families, mistreatment of refugee children, and military responses to refugee flows, as recently evidenced in actions by the U.S. government on its southern border.