Nov. 20, 2018

A season for friendships , families giving and thanks 2018 .

Friendship giving is not too new , it started just a few years ago . Friends coming together around potluck to celebrate with good food, drinks and fun . . It has taken many different styles and format of celebration all the while growing in influence around the national USA .
Friendshipgiving is in the air again this 2018 . Mr Craig Harland of the theology school university of Houston shared with Healthndevelopment magazine & media what giving and giving as an expression of thanks is all about . He volunteers his time and other resources at the Beacon non profit down town Houston where many friends benefit from the giving of his services and other resources provided by the institution in a very friendly and welcoming manner .
He is asking others to join him this 2018 to give to friends who access the services and resources of the Beacon , including food , health care , counseling and housing assessment .
Brian request that you donate money , and other commodities like food , drinks , cloths and hygiene kids for use at the Beacon Houston Texas .
You can also give to your charity of choice by checking out
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba