Nov. 28, 2018

Houstonians communed with Obama at the 25th anniversayof Rice,s Baker policy institute .

A crowd of more than one thousand Houstonians including mayor Sylvester Tuner and former mayor Price joined president Obama and James baker the 3rd in the gala celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Baker institute of public policy at Rice University Houston in the evening of November 27th 2018 .
In a moderated discussion by a presidential historian , Obama and sect Baker discussed national USA issues as they relate to present day America happening .
They both acknowledged that the politics of today is divisive as could be found in the coverage of Fox news and New York Times .

Sect Baker wished the middle ground voice be returned , as they both asked for civility in national politics .
Obama visited former president Bush 41st at his Houston residence before the anniversary event at Rice university .
Many Houstonians expressed great excitement to see and be with Obama .
Dr Akwo Thomspon Ntuba