Dec. 2, 2018

America and the world celebrates the legacy of the 41st presisdent, George W Bush .

The 41st president of the united states , George Herbert Walker Bush Sr died on the 30th of November 2018 at home in Texas .
He was born on June 12 , 1924 in Milton Ms to father Prescot Bush and mother Dorothy Bush .
He enlisted as pilot in the USA military at the age of 18 years and flew combat planes during world war as a navy pilot .
He moved his family to Texas after school in Yale and got into the oil business , owning his own company and becoming a millionaire at the age of 40 .
He joined politics and lost twice in the Texas senatorial race , though he was elected at the congressional races twice to serve the Texas 7th district in 1966 and 68 .
In 1971 president Nixon appointed president Bush as united states ambassador to the UN .He became chair man of the republican committee in 1973 and was subsequently appointed director of the CIA by president Gerald Ford .
Bush ran for president in 1980 , and lost the republican primaries to late president Ronald Reagan who then got him as vice on the ticket , winning to become vice president from 1980to 1988.
In 1988 former president Bush defeated Michael Dukakis in the presidential elections to become the 41st president of the united states . He drafted NAVFTA , approved operation desert storm, as well as overseeing the fall of the Berlin wall and end of the cold war .
He was defeated in the presidential elections of 1992 by former president Bill Clinton because of poor economy [ECONOMY STUPID] and raising Taxes contrary to his promises .
He did great humanitarian works along side former president Clinton .
He will be buried at the presidential center at College station at Texas A& M university by his late wife Barbara Bush .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba