Dec. 4, 2018

** Church leaders present Christmas statement on refugees and migrants to the European Parliament

Photo: Paul Jeffrey/ACT

04 December 2018

Church leaders in Europe stand together for an approach on refugees and migrants “based on dignity, respect, and where possible compassion”. This is the conclusion of a festive ceremony in which the leaders of the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and the Conference of European Churches (CEC) handed over on Monday 3 December a European Church leaders Christmas statement to the European Parliament’s 1^st Vice President Mairead McGuinness.

The Christmas statement has been initially signed by more than 30 church leaders from different European churches, Christian organisations, the World Council of Churches and chapters of Christian world communions. It offers theological reflection on the story of Christmas and displacement under the headings “Jesus became human; Jesus the refugee; Jesus the stranger”. It also formulates common Christian approaches to action and policy in church and society, e.g. arguing for safe passage to protection and realistic labour migration policies in Europe and for solidarity as a guiding principle for governing migration and refugee reception.