Jan. 19, 2019

Health and Fitness expo of the Houston Marathon 2019 hosted many thousands .

The Houston Marathon 2019 running from the 18-20th of January 2019 hosted many thousands of people from Houston and around the world who are participating in the 2019 event in the health and Fitness expo, which is sponsored and hosted by the Texas children hospital and the Methodist Orthopedic and sports medicine unit .
Many different vendors with marathon gears like sketchers were on site selling gears .
At the expo floor many speakers gave talks on particular topics related to running a marathon successfully . Some of the talks included , 25 years running for a reason,Yoga runners , the importance of HARRA membership , benefits of cross training for members and strategies for a successful race by Robert Key , who gave a dos and don,ts list .
Key adviced first time participants not to panic or freak out . To have goals set for the race , visualize themselves at the finish line . Stick to what they know . Dress for the weather . Not to go to fast and to make the race their race . Go at their own pace .
The Methodist orthopedic and sports medicine personnel handed out fliers on Fitness, having information on warming up , exercise tips and warning signs of a medical or health problem like chest pains , severe tiredness or fatigue . The hydration flier says staying hydrated can improve your performance and gave advice on how to prevent dehydration with the Nutrition flier advising on how smart dietary choices can improve performance . The main race proper takes place on Sunday the 20th of January 2019 .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba