Jan. 21, 2019

One Houston 2019 M .L .King parade for unity and justice .

Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston realized a dream he announced at the 30th Dr Martin Lurther King , Jr annual scholarship breakfast . He said he would do every thing to get the different parade groups come together to have one MLK parade . He said he will follow up with meetings with the different leaders.
This year , at the 31st breakfast , the mayor shared the same table with Texas Houston 2019 parade quest , congress man John Lewis . John Lewis told the gathered guest that he was proud of what Houston was doing under it,s leadership , and that he will be marching and most likely to be locked up again for marching .
Congress Woman Sheila Lee Jackson Lee spoke loud and clear to the leadership in Washington from Houston , asking them to open the government while using due process to debate the issues at stake .
After the breakfast , the quests joined other members of the Houston community at the joint parade around the city hall of Houston .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba