Jan. 26, 2019

Metro Next , Moving Forward plan public meetings started .

The leadership of the Houston Metro held the first community meeting at the Multi service center at 4014 Market street at the historic fifth ward Houston , Texas 77020 .
The meeting started at about 10.00am and ended at about 12.00pm midday .
The chair person of the board , Carin , F Patman , president c, e, o Thomas C Lambert , executive vice president for communication Jerome Gray and other staff members presented the Metro Nest Next , moving forward plan to many who showed up for the meeting .
The new plan includes LTR[Light rail transit lines ] which will be approximately 20 miles extension . Approximately 75 miles of Bus rapid transit [BRT] , approximately 110 miles of new and improved HOV , 260 miles of boost network and service enhancements which include 16 new park and ride centers , transit centers and freeway stations .
The moving forward plan will help metro serve more people and places , become faster , more reliable with better access and customer experience .
Metro was a great support to the city of Houston during Hurricane Harvey and continues to carry community development projects in many of the districts in Houston .
You can get more information on the Metro Next public meeting
in their website at www.metronext.org .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba