Jan. 28, 2019

Two suspects dead , 5 officers shot in narcotic related shoot out .



   The mayor of the city of Houston Sylvester Turner led the police and fire chiefs and other city leaders to the press briefing  at Hermann park just close to the Memorail Hermann emergency building where  narcotic police officers who were shot in the South west part of Houston were recieving emergency treatement for gun shot wounds .

    The mayor opened the briefing by congratulating the fire department for immediate response and evacuation of the police officcers to the hospital .

 He thanked the police chief and his officers for clearing the roads , making sure the officers shot were transported fast . He said the medical personnel at the Memmorial Hermann emergency care unit were some of th best in the country and world , and are giving expert care to the police officers shot . Two shot at the neck are in critical but stable conditions , both of who were transported in by air lift while the other three were brought in by ambulance .

  At the end of the briefing , the mayor conveyed the best wishes of governor Abott of Texas who had just called the mayor and talked with him .The governor said the officers and families were in their prayers .

   The head of the Houston police union spoke on behalf of their union saying, "enough was enough"  asking the population to stop targetting their members who put their lives in harms way often .

   The ages of the officers involved were 50, 50 54, 53 and 35 years , all of a Houston narcotic unit who had gone to the house to deliver a warrant in relationship to narcotics .

   While the officers arrived at the house, the suspects opEned fire on them . Two of the suspects were shot and killed , though their identities were not revealed because the investigations are ongoing .

   The Houston police boss said the war againt narcotics is being won and that any body who does not beleif that, should go ask the parents who are lossing children and love ones to drug abuse and dealing . He emotionally narrated the story of a friend who lost a child recently from opoid over dose .

   The chief of police of Houston said most of the serious police work they handle in Houston are gang  , drug and domestic violence crimes .

   One of the officers shot was to be discharged from the hospital as of the time of the press briefing that started at 7.37pm .

    Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba