Feb. 1, 2019


More than 45,000 Bibles shipping to Venezuela on Sunday; Franklin Graham to share Jesus in bordering Colombia in April.
Bibles Leaving for Venezuela Sunday; Outreach Planned in Bordering City
Last November through our Giving Tuesday campaign, God used supporters of BGEA to send more than 45,000 Spanish Bibles to Venezuela.

As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues, we wanted to update you on the status of this project. An assortment of Spanish Bibles—some large print, others specifically designed for children or pastors—were purchased at the end of December and will be shipped out Sunday, Feb. 3.

A team in Venezuela is ready to receive the Bibles and has mapped out a flexible distribution plan based on current realities and uncertainty.

“It is a heartbreaking situation. People are leaving by the millions,” said Franklin Graham, who visited the region in October. “Pray for people of Venezuela whose futures hang in the balance.”

Will you pray for the chaos in Venezuela and for the refugees fleeing across South America, many to Colombia?

Franklin Graham is also planning a two-day Festival on April 19-20 on the border town of Cúcuta, Colombia, where a fair number of displaced Venezuelans have settled.

You can help bring hope to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia along with other spiritually dark places that need the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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If you know anyone in Venezuela or the region, help give them true hope only found in Jesus by sharing this link: esperanzaparavenezuela.net