Feb. 7, 2019


When Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo became C40’s first female chair in 2016, she was determined to address the lack of women leaders in the climate action movement. 

It’s a fact: women are chronically underrepresented at decision-making tables around the world. From corporate boardrooms to the halls of government, we know that women’s voices are not adequately heard or valued in critical conversations about solving today’s most pressing challenges, even those that impact them the most. 

To answer this problem, Mayor Hidalgo’s created C40’s Women4Climate Initiative which celebrates today’s women leaders and works to support, inspire, and empower the next generation to reach their fullest potential. Through our annual conference and mentorship programme, we aim to lift up the voices of young women who are working to create the inclusive, sustainable future we all deserve. 

We invite YOU to be part of this incredible community of changemakers. Join us on February 21st via livestream for the 3rd annual Women4Climate Conference– a day of conversation with mayors, city officials, and business leaders about how women are taking the lead and changing the world.

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Look around, and you’ll see Women4Climate everywhere. We are mayors fighting for bold climate action policies in our cities. We are entrepreneurs who assume our responsibility to lead sustainable businesses for the benefit of the planet we share. We are students, scientists, activists, artists and innovators on the cusp of discovering groundbreaking climate solutions with the power to change the world. We are women committed to a brighter, greener future for ourselves and generations to come. 

Join us, and together we can build the future we want. A future we can trust.