Feb. 11, 2019

African union appreciates the achievements of UNAIDS director in tackling aids .

ADDIS ABABA/GENEVA, 11 February 2019—The African Union has passed a motion of support for the Executive Director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibé recognizing that the invaluable work of UNAIDS, under the leadership of Mr Sidibé, has saved many lives and has had a decisive impact on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The motion was passed during the 32nd Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 11 February 2019. It credits Mr Sidibé’s strategic vision and relentless advocacy to ensure that all populations, including the most vulnerable, have access to health services. It also commends him for keeping HIV among the top global health priorities and for his efforts in improving the health of the people of Africa.

“It is a privilege to serve the people of Africa and the world and I have dedicated my forty-year career to ensuring that vulnerable populations everywhere can live with dignity,” said Mr Sidibé. “The strong partnership between the African Union and UNAIDS is one that has been built on shared responsibility and global solidarity. The global support for the AIDS response and people living with HIV has been unprecedented and we must redouble our efforts to end AIDS. I will continue to do my best to ensure no one is left behind.”

African Union members expressed their profound gratitude for his work and commitment and for his contribution to the attainment of the objectives of the African Union, including Agenda 2063.

The African Union said it remains committed to work with UNAIDS and all its partners to mobilize all the energies and necessary resources to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. And “counts on his unflinching commitment and abiding leadership to continue promote the health and wellbeing of the peoples of the African continent.”