Feb. 14, 2019


In a first of it,s kind, professional women in the oil and gas sector met in the connections and conversations forum at the NAPE 2019 SUMMIT to discuss issues of women in Energy .
The panel moderated by Jacki Pick had the following panelists , Jamie Beggs , Kristi McCarthy and Jeanine Haller .
The panelists gave answers related to questions like the best advice to young women in energy profession .
Jeanine advised based on what she was told before , that is to speak in terms of value , net work , rate of return .
Kristi MaCarthy was asked if she will recommend the energy profession to her daugther and she answered saying that , "yes , we do good work though forgotten most times" . She said the work they do change people,s lives , and continued by pointing out the community development aspect as they donate to community projects , community partnerships and engagement .
Jamie Beggs was asked if a male mentor would be more important than a female ? and she answered by saying both are important , though the male will act more as a sponsor who easily opens doors for her and the female as mentor .
The others also contributed in the sponsor and mentor discussions , with the conclusion that sponsors and mentors were very very important for success in the profession made .
On the discussion on what it will take women in the profession to get to the C SUIT , it was concluded that hard work , availability in the meetings and speaking out , besides taking risk would help .
The panelists told the participants how they balanced work and family responsibilities as answers to a question from the floor .
Three women won signed copies of books from former first lady Laura bush , who took part at the charity luncheon earlier in the day with her husband .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba