Feb. 15, 2019

Power America and America first energy plan discussed at government talk of NAPE 2019 Summit .

Adviser at the Bureau of land management of the USA department of interior spoke to participants during the government affairs talk in the NAPE Domestic theater , hall C , first floor of the Houston convention center .
She said 2018 was a record year for land lease in oil and gas businesses in the energy sector .
She gave a list of the functions of her bureau as part of the work of the interior department .
Citing the federal land policy management act [FLPMA] , she said the public lands in the USA were put to many uses which include development , livestock grazing , recreation , national monuments , production of oil and gas , mining , timber .
She talked on the America first energy plan of the Trump administration with goal of bringing energy to market , oil and gas , coal , minerals , renewable energy , wind , geothermal , solar and other sources of energy exploited in the plan .
She cited the mineral leasing act , while saying that , all is done to reduce the time of permits approval to 30 days .
She said BLM is cutting red tape, reducing regulatory burden , improving domestic access while securing the environment as strategies to develop the energy sector .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba