Feb. 19, 2019

A special university of Texas health , San Antonio Christain medical and dental association luncheon

A very special UTHSA CMDA 
Thursday Noon Luncheon Series

Thursday, February 21st
1.284T - Dental School
(1st floor lecture hall)

12 noon to 12:50 pm

Special Guest Speaker
 John Patrick MD
“What Hippocrates Knew and We Have Forgotten"

Lunch is free

ALL UTHSA students, faculty, and staff are welcome!

John Patrick, MD, retired from the University of Ottawa in June 2002. He had been  Associate Professor in Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Biochemistry and Pediatrics for 20 years. Dr. Patrick’s medical training occurred in London, England. He has done extensive research into the treatment of childhood nutritional deficiency and related diseases, holding appointments in Britain, the West Indies and Canada. He has worked in Central Africa assisting in the development of training programs that deal with childhood protein-energy malnutrition. He now lectures throughout the world working for CMDA and the Christian Medical and Dental Society in Canada. He speaks to Christian and secular groups and is able to communicate effectively on ethical issues in medicine and culture, as well as the integration of faith and science.

Grace and Peace,
Scott Phillips, MDiv, Area Director
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