Feb. 26, 2019

Mat Tyler and Corey Carola keynote opening of SME HousTex 2019 .

Mat Tyler , the c.e.o of Vickers Engineering and Corey Carolla , vice president of corparete development at Red Rabbit were keynote speakers at the opening of the SME HousTex 2019 expo presently taking place at the Houston convention center down town .
Mr Tyler started off by thanking the participants for attending the expo and interest in the subject of automation industries .
He gave a short history of how his company Vikers engineering was started , some challenges and successes .
Tyler in a light mood almost joking , asked if the was any body who knows a person who does not like Bill Gates . He said he was one person who does not presently like Bill Gates because the later has asked that robots and automation industrial machines and tools be taxed , because they take jobs away from employees . He said Gates is wrong because their experience shows that automation has many advantages in the industrial and production process .
He underscored the potential of automation in American industries . He said every single automation machine of theirs met safety issues ,was easy to maintain , with automatic work abilities .
Mr Tyler said his company was an automotive oil and gas one , with competitive advantage in 2006-2210. That they have work force ability development , with world class quality and systems . a full tier one company he added .
He told the participants that in other to survive , advance and and be more profitable , they have to improve cost , quality , delivery , safety and add value , all of which can easily be done through automation . He said because of automation , his company,s revenue improved , payroll doubled and they were able to hire more engineers and workers .
Mr Corey of of Red Rabbit took from where Mr Tyler ended and introduced his company Red Rabbit Automation . He said similar things , almost corroborating what Mr Tyler had said previously .
He said they are some form of a relationship company as they relate with others through outreaches to help them find solutions to their industrial and manufacturing problems .
He highlighted the importance of automation in integration of existing companies . He said integration of automation in already existing companies will create more time for other important things , and help with innovation because it attracts people who think out of the book into that type of work and operations .
Mr Corey ended by listing the areas where they focus, which are , ROI , Safety , quality and ability to redeploy assets .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson