Mar. 8, 2019

Mayor Turner and others attend National sleep foundation first sleep show in Houston

Dr Helen Emgellem ,chair of the board of directors of the national sleep foundation officially welcomed guests to the first Houston Sleep show taking place at the Houston convention center down town at 10.00am on the 3/8/2019 at the exhibition hall , in a session which was closed to the public but opened to the media , exhibitors and staff of her organization.
She spoke briefly about the national sleep foundation , their major mission goals and activities they carry out especially in advocacy and education of the importance of sleep on health and well being .
She said over 100 sessions will take place over the three days during which the show takes place , with speakers talking about the physiology of sleep , sleep disorders , management and new products among other topics .
Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston addressed participants of the show at about 12,15 pm , welcoming them to Houston for the first time of the sleep show history . He said Houston was now the most diversified city in America with lots of potential for business in the kind of work the sleep foundation does .The mayor said Houston is home to NASA , is the city with the biggest medical center in the world besides being the global oil capital .
Mayor Sylvester Turner told the gathered participants that they were in Houston at the right time , just when the Houston Rodeo was taking place .He wished them a successful stay in Houston and said he was ready to help in any way should they have a need while thanking the foundation for promising to make the show a yearly event going forward .
Matrass Mark as he is popularly called in Houston , dressed in Astro Jersey spoke after the mayor , he talked about the importance of good sleep to health while acknowledging the so called sleep disorder epidemic in America where close to seventy million Americans have some form of sleep disorder and related problems like Sleep apnea , Obesity , Mental health issues like depression , drowsy at the steering and accidents .
Some of the sessions discussed designing sleep enhancing fragrances , insomnia and daily sleep cycles and health .
For registration and more information ,visit the show website
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba