Mar. 9, 2019

Timeshifter and ReST companies win in apps and product categories of NSF, s Sleep Tech competition

The chair of the board of the National sleep foundation and the rest of the four persons panel of Judges heard presentations from contestants in the final round of the NSF,s SleepTech award that recognizes innovative sleep products .
In the app categories Timeshifter that won the first place in it,s categorie explained how their application technology helps travelling and travelers deal with sleep issues related to Jet Lag . The jet lag app is based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience . The presenter answered clarification questions from the panel of judges that ranged from the science , usefulness and consumer affordability . They were told that the company is working with airlines company to make their app generally useful for global travelers , with the cost being $25 for one year use or $10 with each travel . On getting the prize as the winner of the app finals, the representative of the company thanked the judges , saying the prize mean a lot to them and will encourage them to do more .
ReST was awarded the first place in the product and services category . Bryant Looper did a great presentation on the science and working of the ReST Bed , one of the best mattresses in the market today . He said the rest bed senses your position , and makes automatic adjustments , allowing customers to customize support where ever they need it . The bed has regions that correspond and respond to the head , shoulders , back hips and legs .
Bryant thanked the panel for awarding his company the first prize in the product category .
The others who presented in the final round before the judges were Inspire Medical system , explaining the Inspire therapy as a break through sleep apnea treatment for people who are not able to use or get benefit from CPAP . The inplant device is inserted under the skin by an ENT surgeon , and turn on and off with a control device .
Somnox sleep Robot presenter also explained the working and benefit of their device, which is said to help users sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed by slowing down breathing , playing soothing sounds and helping with attention ,though they fell shot of winning the final prize .
Most of the devices are to help with sleep issues or improve the quality of sleep and well being of users .
Dr Akwo , Ntuba Thompson