Mar. 13, 2019


This Friday, students across the country are taking part in a Climate Strike against the decades of inaction that have led us to the present climate crisis. We here at Peoples Climate Movement applaud the brave action being taken by the leaders and participants of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike, and other youth climate strikes around the globe. With serious climate action needed to reduce emissions in the next 12 years, we need moments like this that increase pressure on our leaders and make the stakes of this crisis clear to all.

Find an event near you here, and stand in solidarity with youth across the country.

Today’s youth understand the severity and urgency of the climate crisis. They understand that they will have to face the impacts of the action, or inaction, we take now. And they understand that the status quo is not acceptable.

Their energy, determination, and moral clarity is vital to the movement to deeply reduce carbon emissions, create millions of good union jobs, and strengthen those communities facing the worst effects of the climate crisis. We hope the many leaders who claim to care about our nation’s future will listen to the voices of that future, and support this generation’s demand for action.

In solidarity

Paul Getsos

National Director, Peoples Climate Movement

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