Mar. 31, 2019

Williams and Desai of UNC Chapel hill speak about Oral Cancer Run .

On Saturday the 3/3/2019 , hundreds of participants and vendors participated in the 2019 Dental school Oral Cancer 5K run on the main campus of the North Carolina university at Chapel Hill .
Beatrice Williams and Eva Desai of the Dental school class of 2021 spoke to the chief editor of Healthndevelopment magazine & media on the reasons for the run and the benefits of the physical exercise itself on the human body .
They were clear that , many forms of cancers affect the head and neck areas of the human body that requires prompt intervention through education , prevention , care , research and general awareness .
They thanked the sponsors of the event who made it all possible , while discussing some of the importance of physical activities on overall health and well being .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson